Assignment List

This is the list of Assignments I hope to have updated. If ever you forget what the questions were or what what the chapters are, please look to this page. If it’s not updated, don’t be shy to email fellow group members!

Assignment 1: May 9th

  • Mighter than the Sword Chapter 1
  • Read Code of Ethics on
  • Questions:  Was Samuel Adams a journalist or a blogger and why? Was he following the Code of Ethics.
  • Upload a visual for entry (don’t forget to credit
  • Important links mentioned in class:,,,
  • due May 11th (for people who attended the first class) and May 14th (for people who signed up later)
  • Extension on Assignment 1. Due on May 17th, 2011 at 10am.

Assignment 2: May 11th

  • Mighter than the Sword Chapter 10 and 11
  • Questions: How did television play into the Civil Rights? Is journalism objective or is it advocacy journalism?
  • due on Saturday, May 14th.
  • Extension on Assignment 2. Due on May 17th, 2011 at 10am.

Assignment 3: May 16th

Assignment 4: May 23th

  • Do nothing and blog about that experience. Make it creative.
  • Due May 24th.

Assignment 6: June 6th

  • Blog about the Discussion from guest lecturer Jasmine Kripalani and what got through to you, where did it take you, what you want to do now that you’ve heard this lecture. What does it mean to you now?
  • Due June 8th.

Assignment 7: June 8th

  • Pitch an idea in 3 sentences to The Beacon, FIU’s student newspaper. It must be FIU-related. Post it on your blog and send it to Alfred Soto, our guest speaker today, at
  • Due June 13th.

2 Responses to Assignment List

  1. this is great thank you so much for being such a great group leader ❤

  2. I agree this is really helpful.Thanks for looking out for everyone.

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